Our Wines

Our organic IGT Toscana certified wines are the embodiment of the terroir, of the Mediterranean climate and also of the love and passion we put in them from plant to bottle.
The vineyard is fertilised withgreen manure and we plant the vines alternating therows with nitrogen-rich legume plantations, good for the soil, which are then mowed in spring.
We harvest the grapes by hand and these are immediately wheeled off to the “cantina” to be de-stemmed and put in vats and then left to ferment naturally, with the skins still attached, without adding any yeast.  We only use small doses of sulphur dioxide (even smaller than those sanctioned by the organic agricultural protocols) and only during the decanting process.
Our wine is left to age in steel barrels and the clarification happens during decanting. We do not filter our wines. We sell our wine at the cellar and we ship abroad. Ask us a price quotation.

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