The Evo Olive oil

The Evo organic extra-virgin olive oil is made with olives that come solely from our estate and they are not treated with any kind of chemical herbicides or fertilizers – we tend to our trees by pruning them ourselves and keep the soil weed-free entirely with our labour. We harvest the olives from the trees by hand and in order to maintain their organoleptic properties intact, these are taken to the mill within a few hours from being picked and they are then crashed in the millstone following the organic protocols.
The Evo organic extra-virgin olive oil 2018 is available in three different bottle measures: 1L, 500Cl and 250Cl.
The Fattoria San Vito is part of “Strada dell’Olio dei Monti Pisani” (“the Olive Oil Road around the mountains of Pisa”) which cuts through the Valgraziosa and other nearby little towns.