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Fattoria San Vito

Our Ethics
That’s my name. I am a winegrower and ex-bookshop owner. Since 2011 I tend the family vineyard and olive groves producing organic wine and extra-virgin olive oil obtained in the full respect of nature and traditional values.
It was the economic recession that somehow spurred this change of profession and made me rediscover a long held passion which I had never had the chance of pursuing. Every day I face the work both in the fields and in the winery (cantina), being inspired by my father’s ethos of devotion and hard work.
Our wines certified as IGT Toscana (classification of higher quality and provenance given by the Italian Government) and our extra-virgin olive oil EVO from our farm, the Fattoria San Vito, are authentic, unadulterated and honest for those who like me value tradition.


Love thy Earth as thyself
Our philosophy follows natural agricultural practices.
Our vineyard produces organic grapes which are grown without the use of any synthetic chemicals such as fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides or pesticides in general. Equally we do not use any GMO – we only use copper sulphate, sulphur, propolis and seaweed. We intervene as little as possible during the fermenting process. Our wine is vegan - it does not contain any additives of animal origin.

Wine Tour

with walk in the vineyard
Fattoria San Vito awaits you for tastings of natural wines and organic extra virgin olive oil. In the small family-run Tuscan farm, you can visit the vineyards and relax in the garden next to the winery. The vineyard surrounded by Monte Pisano, will be the setting for your tasting.
Limited places, advance booking is mandatory. More details on the dedicated page.

Our Wines

A story of passion and integrity
“Our IGT Toscana organic certified wines are the embodiment of the terroir, of the Mediterranean climate and also of the love and passion we put in them from plant to bottle.
The wineyard is fertilised with green manure and we plant the vines alternating the rows with nitrogen-rich legume plantations, good for the soil, which are then mowed in spring.
We harvest the grapes by hand and these are immediately wheeled off to the “cantina” to be de-stemmed and put in vats and then left to ferment naturally, with the skins still attached, without adding any yeast. We only use small doses of sulphur dioxide (even smaller than those sanctioned by the organic agricultural protocols) and only during the decanting process.
Our wine is left to age in steel barrels and the clarification happens during decanting. We do not filter our wines.

Our olive oil

Extra in Everything
The organic extra-virgin olive oil is extracted from local varieties of olive trees which include “Leccino”, “Moraiolo” and “Frantoiano”. Our olive-grove covers an area of over seven acres and contains roughly 2000 plants arranged over terraces along what is known as the “Strada dell’olio dei Monti Pisani” (“the Olive Oil road around the mountains of Pisa”). The harvest is done entirely by hand, in accordance with the Tuscan governmental directives.

La Valgraziosa

The Pretty Valley
The Valgraziosa is a vast basin within the Monte Pisano with natural terraces and olive trees.
The small towns of Calci, Montemagno, Tre Colli, Nicosia and many others are sprawled around several water streams and the old mills and olive presses that were build along the banks are still visible today. This area also abounds in ancient monuments and archeological sites – the Pieve in Calci , a Romanesque church dating back to the 11th century and just a few yards away the magnificent Certosa si Pisa, a Carthusian monastery built in 1366, which contains two museums – the Natural History Museum of the University of Pisa and the National Museum of Certosa Monumentale .
The area of the Valgraziosa is ideally situated as a starting point for visiting the entire region of Tuscany, thanks to its proximity to the cities of Pisa, Florence and Lucca, full of art and history but it also offers the tranquil atmosfere of the small country villages with its hill trails and hiking paths.


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